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{{ "The economies of Southeast Asian nations are experiencing strong growth. Not only do they accelerate the construction of infrastructure, but also attract the world's most valuable brands in the field of production investment of iron and steel products. Thus, the growth of the steel and the quality of products are obviously expectable. Despite being located in the ASEAN region, a strong developing area with a big advantage of geography, FHS company have to face with fierce competition from the iron and steel plants in the neighboring countries as Chinese steel output is suffering a serious superabundance." | translate }}

{{ 'In terms of products supply, the company will combine the new equipment with advanced technology of the partners, and constantly improve production technology and optimize operations management. The company are attempting to reach the high quality and low cost, increase the index between quality and offer price in order to avoid falling into the unwholesome low-priced competition; additionally, take advantage of geography together with a sophisticated production management mechanism to shorten the delivery time and increase the flexibility of delivery. Also, the company perfects the customer services before, during and after the sales as well as accurately grasp the needs of customers, support customers in dealing with difficult issues, strive to improve the use value of products. That will enhance the trust of customers, create paths that both parties share the mutual benefit in the industrial chain, and contribute to boost the development of market to new heights.' | translate }}

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{{ 'Wire rods:Passed SIRIM Malaysia’s Audit 8 Steel Grades of 2 Standards' | translate }}

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{{ 'Hot-rolled Steel:Obtained TISI Thailand’s Certification,9 Steel Grades of 6 Standards' | translate }}

{{ 'Wire rods:Passed TISI Thailand’s Audit 8 Steel Grades of 1 Standard' | translate }}

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