{{ 'Diligence and simple-hearted Striving to reach perfection Sustainable business Social dedication' | translate }}

{{ 'Rooted from the philosophy of formosa plastic group, FHS uses an attitude of “diligence and simple-hearted” to pursue a reasonable business operation; meanwhile, aiming to “strive for perfection”.However, as the environment is always changing, FHS will continuously enhance its business efficiency and competitiveness, achieving the goal of sustainability. Simultaneously, FHS takes the burden of social dedication and aims to be a enterprise that is trusted by its investors, the society and provides ample welfare for the employees.' | translate }}

{{ 'Taking diligent and simple-hearted attitude to pursuit and rationalize the management methods' | translate }}

{{ 'FHS holds an attitude of hard working and tracing everything to the bottom, which eventually lead to a rationalized managerial style.' | translate }}

{{ 'Expressly effort to pursuit and achieve the target perfectly' | translate }}

{{ 'As the external environment is always changing, FHS is never satisfied with the status quo but striving for better management result, and seeking for an innovative breakthrough of operation.' | translate }}

{{ 'Working by heart is the spiritual responsibility of company for the sustainable business' | translate }}

{{ 'FHS uses very transparent and strict rules to maintain corporate operation. These managerial rules can lead to a result of better profitability, provide good quality products with lower price to the customer, and maintain strong long-term relationships with the clients.' | translate }}

{{ 'Social benefit for the development of health and education' | translate }}

{{ 'According to the principle of “taking from society, serving for society”, FHS will develop non profit medicare, educational and charitable business, contributing to a better life of people.' | translate }}