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{{ "Formosa Ha Tinh steel’s (FHS) hot-rolled products are processed slab through heating furnace, after descaling, rough rolling, finishing rolling, laminar cooling and coiling and, in the end, becomes a hot-rolled band. The Rolling mill’s designed annual capacity is 5.2 million tons, the product’s thickness range are between 1.2 ~ 25.4 mm, with width between 900mm ~ 1880mm. After hot rolled band got re-rolled and tested, it becomes a hot-rolled coil steel. Apart from being a raw material of cold-rolled products, it has a wide range of applications because of its high strength, toughness and formability. FHS does not only own the latest technical equipment, but also have the best production technology, to produce through automated production system and computer control technology to ensure the precision and quality of each product. After strict quality control inspection, the hot-rolled coil has a high level of surface quality, accuracy of dimension tolerance, mechanical properties and processing performance. The product features can be widely applied to the general commercial grade, re-rolling material grade, structural material grade. FHS has already achieved ISO 9001 the certificate of quality management system. Our products are exported to multiple countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc." | translate }}

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{{ 'Hot-rolled steel products include mild steel, structural steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. FHS currently accepts orders for the following steel specs: SPHC pipe / cutting, 1006 pipe / cutting, 1006/1008 RRQ, SPHT1 / 2/3 pipe, SS400 pipe / slitting / cutting / stamping, electrical steel coils etc.' | translate }}

{{ '(1)Customers of pipe factory mainly produce the furniture pipelines, structural pipe and the fire-fighting water pipes. The main customers of re-rolling mills are mainly producing constructional materials, and the clients of cutting center are mainly requires higher surface quality for the production of plates and punching and cutting process.' | translate }}

{{ '(2)In the future, it is expected to be sold to high-end usages such as automotive/motorcycle materials, appliances materials, high-carbon steel, corrosion-resistance steel and parts with high strength requirements, which can be used for the industries of automotive and motorcycle’s accessories, containers, cylinders, tubing, shipbuilding, home appliances and bridges.' | translate }}

{{ '(3)Electrical steel coil is a product with special function of electromagnetism (also called silicon steel sheet). It is mainly used for making motors, voltage transformers and iron core of generators. It is indispensable energy conversion material.' | translate }}

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