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{{ 'FHS’s wire rod are produced by billet and heated by heating furnace, through rough rolling mill, medium rolling mill, finishing mill, reduction sizing mill, and coiled by the coiling machine. The wire rod factory’s annual designed capacity is 1.2 million tons, wire diameter range is from 5.5 to 20mm, FHS is not only having the latest tech equipment but also having the best production technology, through a rigorous production management and implementation of quality management system, and the customers are fully satisfied with our products. For the product processing purposes, it can be classified into general structure, mechanical structure, cold-heading process, hot forging process, and hard steel wire. In accordance with FHS’s wire products features, it is more suitable to produce mild steel commercial quality (MQ).' | translate }}

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{{ '(1)The current product is suitable for the mild steel commercial quality (MQ) products such as: drawing materials, steel wire, net, screw nut and nails, etc., its cold heading features are able to meet the higher quality requirements for most fastener customers (wooden screws, self-tapping screws, bolts and nuts) processing needs.' | translate }}

{{ '(2) In the future, it is expected to be sold to high-end applications, such as cold heading screw (CHQ grade), automotive/motorcycle materials, polished rods, high carbon wire, etc., which can be used for the industries of automotive and motorcycle’s accessories, high-quality screw nuts, cables, and hand tools.' | translate }}

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